Anti-Trump Protests

The person elected U.S. President is actually an okay person. I’ve read a few if Donald Trump’s books 8 years ago and found them to be insightful. He is smart, brilliant, and thoughtful about many things. His engagement with U.S. President Obama in recent days is proof that he is actually quite balanced and sophisticated.

Unfortunately, he did too good a job in his portrayal of a anti-establishment savior during the 2016 campaign. Deep down, I had a sense he would turn out different than the campaign rhetoric. I wasn’t willing to take the chance, but I knew his books and other pre-2012 televised appearances didn’t match the 2015-2016 presentation.

He won, but at the cost of confirming the existence of vast racialist sensibilities across the country. The problem is not that Donald Trump won. He isn’t going to willing cause the havoc he implied during the campaign. The problem is everything else that was given space to operate based on the campaign and victory.

The protestors have a point. This is not the symbolic country of inclusive, advanced, equal existence they were taught in school and through the messages coming across the TV set. Even the TV show, The Apprentice, starring none other than Donald Trump displayed the participation of people across society.

You cannot give people an image of a balanced, progressive society and then just take it away. The work to recover the vision of America, even if it was partially true, may prove even more difficult as a result. Either we live with the reality of the domination of a set of regressive ideas or we truly intend to make the fiction of a better America for all citizens a reality.

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