Dark Side American Society

Well, things are shifting in a bad direction. Happened so quickly. The leader at the top may seek unity, but forces have been unleashed that no one now can address. I never in a million years thought this kind of thing would return. I grew up in the aftermath of the victories of the Civil Rights movement. What a turn this past week has been. Is global domination and the infliction of pain on people just trying to live really worth the cost?

Those on the outside, those pushed to the margins remember to take it as well as you can. Times like these can influence you to respond in the wrong way. The pain is real that feel. The feeling of exclusion, adversity, or disregard because of the color of your skin, gender, or the cultural background you lean towards. Endure. Be smart. Above all work tirelessly to stay apart from the temptations such a climate may attract.



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