Social Darwinism Only Works Temporarily

I came across this solid post about Social Darwinism vs. Christ and the perspective is worth review. As economic conditions change for many people, that creates stress and anxiety. Pressures like these opens the door to impulses and mindsets that are negative in outcome.

The problems may be real (overall) or perceived, but it creates an opportunity to set aside openness, inclusion, and collaboration. Hearts are hardened and more people push to get ahead at other’s expense. When times get tough, it seems there are only two choices.

Millions of people really are losing their jobs. Faced with homelessness, starvation, cold, and the embarrassment of not pulling one’s own weight in society, it can harden some hearts after years of unemployment and pity. The gospel message becomes difficult to hear. Not so much when personal disaster first strikes, but after years and years of being worn down by disappointment. That day you start to realize your path to a good life in this world is gone for the rest of your life.

People pass by you and give you encouragement. You hear uplifting words and receive smiles of either pity or comfort. The intentions are good, but your life is still less. Truth is, some people are very well off in this life and others are barely scraping by. The flesh is weak and it is hard to stay vigilant along a noble way of thinking when all about you seems nothing but pain and no real recovery.

Often, you’ll hear, ”make your own way” in this life. Living noble is for chumps. No one giving that kind of advice is credible. By definition, telling you that is a reflection that they hold no regard for you as a person. It is a statement of deflection, to say that you simply push your way through hardships often pushing through other people without understanding the cost.

The rich and well off, no matter how much they have cannot take it with them. They do have incentive to create wealth for their immediate family and close associates. However, the greed is good mentality that builds up such situations eventually undermines the overall situation in which such small prosperous conditions function. You cannot burn down the surrounding forest and expect even the most gilded and glamorous hut to remain.

Millions of people are facing a future in which it is against the law to survive off the land because all the land is owned while at the same time, not having productive occupations to keep people in good standing in society. Forget about politics. Anyone watching politics sees the game for what it is. The billionaire class was going to win one way or another, it was simply a matter of what form such rulership was going to take. Whether or not overt rule would be accelerated. Persons thought they could change the system from within or manipulate the elites. It does not work that way. Along with economic tensions is the thought that in exchange for rule by oligarchy is the loss of freedom. Under such circumstances, people might decide to that the noble perspective is worthless. Either cozy up to ruthless rulership or work in earnest to model one’s life to get just a piece and stay far from the bottom.

My observation over many years and looking at history is as follows. Solutions wrought of strength, aggression, might, and clever indirect subterfuge don’t last. The most lasting solutions are in sync with life itself (not life defined as arbitrary social preferences). Individuals have to be willing to relocate geographically. A barrier to economic change is to blame others and see where you are as what you own. That applies to me as well. That some of the biggest problems in the life involves holding on to material things and material situations or, the memory of such as in the case of lost jobs, positions, and social privileges. Expecting materially powerful people to change things for the better only presets your mind to accept their version of slavery.

Jesus’s gospel entails being free. Freedom from class warfare, freedom from physical warfare, freedom from the chains of money, freedom from the psychological self-destruction involved in passively or overtly destroying someone in order to: gain more, the distraction of sadistic pleasure or simply to not lose. All the negative things that eventually increase the cost of living. The price of Jesus’s way is sacrifice and you have to be prepared to give all on principle. The unwillingness to sacrifice and endure and, instead misplace the cause of present economic strife and armed conflicts in first world cities and towns to deserts and alcoves in the East is the center of present ills.

Money may hide the problems but never end them. The change starts within. The issues are a failure of communication of the gospel message. It is also a failure of intelligence. The inability of official planners and leaders to figure out holistic solutions while catering to initiatives that are more vain than actual treatment on the system as a whole. Beyond this however is the difficulty with inward change. The unwillingness to try something new instead of holding on to things that have withered. It is never too late.

You can always take the opportunity to follow Jesus. Ignore the example and advice of Social Darwinists in various forms. Recognize that big companies seek to lower staff and joblessness is not anyone’s fault except those pushing more profit for less. Most of all there is a higher path that is worth more than the temporary forms of man-made situations and social definitions.


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