Most Anti-Terrorism Policies Don’t Work

Western governments are trying to reign in terrorism. It isn’t working and here is why.

  1. Terrorists are not invading armies. Their size does not match the response to their actions.
  2. Terrorists are often poor people, lost a job, can’t get a job, or are minorities who became socially unwelcome.
  3. Over the last 20 years, the world has seen terrorists from many ethnic groups. Refer back to point #2.
  4. Terrorist activity seems to be the expression of anger for a perceived wrong. This is not like an opposing nation who wants property or control. Instead, it is individuals chosing violence due to anger.

The causes of terrorism does not justify violence. Instead, terrorism is improperly addressed when the symptoms become the focus rather than the cause. Terrorism cannot be dispelled by force or ethnic profiling. Instead, the treatment for terrorism involves creating an environment in which people got cash, are accepted, and the reasons for transitioning into violence naturally disappear.


A Different Path to Freedom

The time has come to momentarily place fear aside and declare that we believe that freedom is a universal requirement of all human beings. No matter where you come from or where you live, whoever you are, you fundamentally expect to be free. Throughout all of human history societies and civilizations have forged ahead in pain and sacrifice in order to preserve or have freedom. Today, is a day to remember freedom and that it has a price.

Rules on Freedom

All societies across the world have one main rule regarding freedom. All are free when they respect the life of others. We generally separate people from society when they violate the lives of others. The principle is known as “innocent until proven guilty”. Otherwise, if a person has not caused the death of another, that person is fundamentally allowed free movement according to their resources.

Preventing Pain

Much of what any of us do is because we are afraid. Many of us learn not to admit we are afraid. We may learn to hold our tongue a certain way out of fear. Avoid certain people because we are afraid. Fear reigns in the hearts of people. That often triggers the creation and maintenance of an environment in which freedom may be restricted to the benefit of those most afraid.

Dying Down the Street

A few weeks ago, there was a single day of ice all over the roads. I was going about that day and had many slips due to twisty windy roads. A few big 18-wheelers missed me by seconds. Nothing to be too concerned about, but had my timing been just a tad different, I could have been dead or suffered broken legs, punctured lungs, etc. Nothing actually happened other minutes of stalled movement. Despite the risks and steadily rising concerns for many that day, most people just kept going on. You can die just walking down the street. We cannot eliminate every single possible source of death and some are more likely to happen to us than others.

Freedom’s Price

Freedom is strongest when it is universally observed for all people. It turns out that freedom and risk go hand in hand. A greater amount of accepted risk comes with more freedom. People who willingly violate rules that jeopardize the ability of others to breath and live, well that is one thing. People, who themselves are just living, well that is another thing altogether. The true price of freedom, unless proven guilty of destroying another, is to accept the free movement of all people regardless of origin or destination.

Good MLK Day Tweet

Martin Luther King was a genuine leader who would see all people live well, with all the rights entitled to them to experience the fullness of life. He, along with Ghandi, gathered people in recognition of the fundamental value of each person. King’s inspiration lives on.

We were never meant to be a divided people across this entire world. Growing up in the South, I have natural reactions to certain things that at times can be disappointing. Yet, MLK Day is a moment to remember what it is all about. Unity is the original destiny of humanity. Unity is not conformity, but it is acceptance and renewed commitment to extend a hand while each of us struggle to transcend the fear and pain that often sustains the diet of division.

Trump tweeted about MLK. The sentiment was gracious and thoughtful. People do not always agree on policy or methods as months of televised and social media conversations show. Actions and outcomes can change. When I was younger, I thought the future could be easily achieved. Now, I see how difficult it is. MLK died for the dream and never lost hope. He showed that hope and persistence can move you past fear to create new possibilities. Such commitment to a better path is the ingredient for mutual success.

Trump’s 2017 MLK Tweet.

A Fair Day 1/15/2017

Today is an evenly experienced day. The weather is calm. Though it is a little chilly outside, it is not too bad. I wrote a few answers to questions on Quora. Ate some food while browsing websites. About an hour later, I posted updates to a personal project I’ve been working on for a few years. I am going to help some family members with a few chores, maybe finish a few chapters of a book I started reading last week and see how the rest of the day goes. Later in the evening, mentally preview the upcoming week. Tomorrow marks remembrance of a historic day while next weekend will be a historic weekend.

Today, is an important day as is tomorrow. I can add little at present to what others have said about today, tomorrow or might say about the upcoming events of next weekend. I could say that we live in interesting times, but the times have been interesting all along we just may not always recognize it. Times are changing, they will change again. Each person’s experience of life is unique and then that total experience of life is gone.

Each of us are working to manage our individual pain of living. Each person’s pain is different and sometimes you share pain with others. Living is painful. Not always, but sometimes and some days the pain can be more intense than others. Not always physical pain, but emotional, social, and psychological pain from the interactions with others. What we could have had, should have, or cannot have whether that is acceptance, things, or conditions. Not admitting that can be one way of coping with the pain, but in various forms, each of us are dealing with some form of pain. What will be the chosen anesthetic for the upcoming years and will it matter given the duration of human lifespans?

New 21st Century Renaissance through Universal Basic Income

October 2013, I wrote an article about a new type of government that is recognize  the evolution of society and technology. About 27 paragraphs down in that article, I mentioned a system I called the Guarantee System. It was my term for Universal Basic Income before I knew about UBI. The short version is technology has gotten to the point that physical jobs can be automated out of existence. It is said that Many CEOs Believe That Technology Will Make People Largely Irrelevant. As certain kinds of automations become more affordable, physical jobs will be automated out of existence. However you feel about automation, it may turn out good for a lot of people or create great difficulties for many. Continue reading

Coach Gary Kubiak – Courage in Worklife/Balance

Gary Kubiak sets a good example in deciding to be true to his life in walking away from a prominent position in the world of sports. As head coach of the Denver Broncos, he is in a prime position to set the conditions of the team towards success or failure. It is a position that requires a substantial amount of mental energy and time. Each person’s life tends to flow into phases. Each phase of a person’s life is not always the same as others. In one phase of your life, you find yourself deeply involved in work that requires your whole attention, time, and energy. That is a time in which the thrill you get from work resembles pleasure. Later, your interests shift to even more personal matters such as time with family, literature, hobbies, travel, and friends. Or, you simply begin to understand the value of time itself. You cannot regain lost time. It turns out that time is more valuable than money and position. A balance exists between giving your best efforts to a career and at the same time, living as a person who can apply the resources from a lifetime of work to a variety of personal and post occupational pursuits. Topple the balance too far in the direction of work for too long and the integrity of your life can begin to unravel. Too far in the direction of too little work and you may begin to wander without anchor. The right balance make a difference in the quality of life and Gary Kubiak has shown the courage to express this in the public sphere.