Coach Gary Kubiak – Courage in Worklife/Balance

Gary Kubiak sets a good example in deciding to be true to his life in walking away from a prominent position in the world of sports. As head coach of the Denver Broncos, he is in a prime position to set the conditions of the team towards success or failure. It is a position that requires a substantial amount of mental energy and time. Each person’s life tends to flow into phases. Each phase of a person’s life is not always the same as others. In one phase of your life, you find yourself deeply involved in work that requires your whole attention, time, and energy. That is a time in which the thrill you get from work resembles pleasure. Later, your interests shift to even more personal matters such as time with family, literature, hobbies, travel, and friends. Or, you simply begin to understand the value of time itself. You cannot regain lost time. It turns out that time is more valuable than money and position. A balance exists between giving your best efforts to a career and at the same time, living as a person who can apply the resources from a lifetime of work to a variety of personal and post occupational pursuits. Topple the balance too far in the direction of work for too long and the integrity of your life can begin to unravel. Too far in the direction of too little work and you may begin to wander without anchor. The right balance make a difference in the quality of life and Gary Kubiak has shown the courage to express this in the public sphere.


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