A Fair Day 1/15/2017

Today is an evenly experienced day. The weather is calm. Though it is a little chilly outside, it is not too bad. I wrote a few answers to questions on Quora. Ate some food while browsing websites. About an hour later, I posted updates to a personal project I’ve been working on for a few years. I am going to help some family members with a few chores, maybe finish a few chapters of a book I started reading last week and see how the rest of the day goes. Later in the evening, mentally preview the upcoming week. Tomorrow marks remembrance of a historic day while next weekend will be a historic weekend.

Today, is an important day as is tomorrow. I can add little at present to what others have said about today, tomorrow or might say about the upcoming events of next weekend. I could say that we live in interesting times, but the times have been interesting all along we just may not always recognize it. Times are changing, they will change again. Each person’s experience of life is unique and then that total experience of life is gone.

Each of us are working to manage our individual pain of living. Each person’s pain is different and sometimes you share pain with others. Living is painful. Not always, but sometimes and some days the pain can be more intense than others. Not always physical pain, but emotional, social, and psychological pain from the interactions with others. What we could have had, should have, or cannot have whether that is acceptance, things, or conditions. Not admitting that can be one way of coping with the pain, but in various forms, each of us are dealing with some form of pain. What will be the chosen anesthetic for the upcoming years and will it matter given the duration of human lifespans?


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