Good MLK Day Tweet

Martin Luther King was a genuine leader who would see all people live well, with all the rights entitled to them to experience the fullness of life. He, along with Ghandi, gathered people in recognition of the fundamental value of each person. King’s inspiration lives on.

We were never meant to be a divided people across this entire world. Growing up in the South, I have natural reactions to certain things that at times can be disappointing. Yet, MLK Day is a moment to remember what it is all about. Unity is the original destiny of humanity. Unity is not conformity, but it is acceptance and renewed commitment to extend a hand while each of us struggle to transcend the fear and pain that often sustains the diet of division.

Trump tweeted about MLK. The sentiment was gracious and thoughtful. People do not always agree on policy or methods as months of televised and social media conversations show. Actions and outcomes can change. When I was younger, I thought the future could be easily achieved. Now, I see how difficult it is. MLK died for the dream and never lost hope. He showed that hope and persistence can move you past fear to create new possibilities. Such commitment to a better path is the ingredient for mutual success.

Trump’s 2017 MLK Tweet.


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