Most Anti-Terrorism Policies Don’t Work

Western governments are trying to reign in terrorism. It isn’t working and here is why.

  1. Terrorists are not invading armies. Their size does not match the response to their actions.
  2. Terrorists are often poor people, lost a job, can’t get a job, or are minorities who became socially unwelcome.
  3. Over the last 20 years, the world has seen terrorists from many ethnic groups. Refer back to point #2.
  4. Terrorist activity seems to be the expression of anger for a perceived wrong. This is not like an opposing nation who wants property or control. Instead, it is individuals chosing violence due to anger.

The causes of terrorism does not justify violence. Instead, terrorism is improperly addressed when the symptoms become the focus rather than the cause. Terrorism cannot be dispelled by force or ethnic profiling. Instead, the treatment for terrorism involves creating an environment in which people got cash, are accepted, and the reasons for transitioning into violence naturally disappear.


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