Inclusion Requires Living by the Principles

News media vs. reality. The images are certainly real, but the interpretation may not always square with day-to-day experience. An indirect viewpoint floating in some reputable media circles is hate groups are on the rise. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a group who by all accounts does excellent research in tracking such matters. They have been at the forefront in identifying social shifts that indicate developments in the growth of groups opposed to multiculturalism. Accounts in the media during the past few months seem to suggest that this expansion of sentiment against diversity exist in nations previously seen as standard bearers of inclusion. What does this mean if true? Continue reading

21st Century Institutional Racism

I am one of millions of people born some years after the end of the Civil Rights marches and overlapping Counter Culture expressions across the social landscape. The public schools I attended as a youth were fully, 100% integrated, there was zero segregation, and the teachers were the most inclusive and open-minded persons you could meet. Well off and poor kids, many ethnic groups, different faiths, all under the same roof. I was one of the poor kids (many years later off welfare and into the lower middle class) who had the opportunity to migrate across 4 or 5 schools growing up. I got to see cross-sections of society across town. There was one school I didn’t attend which was in close proximity to the more affluent side of town, nor the school in what was the poorest side of town, but other than that, I got to see a broad swath of social policy applied to everyone. Continue reading