Inclusion Requires Living by the Principles

News media vs. reality. The images are certainly real, but the interpretation may not always square with day-to-day experience. An indirect viewpoint floating in some reputable media circles is hate groups are on the rise. The Southern Poverty Law Center is a group who by all accounts does excellent research in tracking such matters. They have been at the forefront in identifying social shifts that indicate developments in the growth of groups opposed to multiculturalism. Accounts in the media during the past few months seem to suggest that this expansion of sentiment against diversity exist in nations previously seen as standard bearers of inclusion. What does this mean if true?

I think the prevailing concerns about these developments are valid. Matters such as these should be discussed. The work towards a collective society is a multi-generational affair. Incidents of exclusion based on ethnic preferences are exceeded by acts of inclusion. I am heartened by the recent report that the Little Caesars founder quietly paid Rosa Parks’ rent for years. He did not have to do this, but he did. A deeply honorable, noble, and compassionate thing to do. Many acts such as those greatly outweigh the harm that exists in the ideology of exclusion.

The issue with social division is it can slowly erode connections in community. Gradually wear down the most earnest individuals interested in a natural state of existence in which people simply confer with each other without artificial barriers. Unfortunately, the future demands a stronger response from society, from each person to be the example they would see in the world. Indeed, there are problems in some areas of society, commerce, and civil governance regarding people of different backgrounds. The answers don’t only exist in the arena of civil organizations, but in each person committing a stronger response to observed actions and trends that degrade unity.


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