Gospel of John – Lionsgate Films

The very best biblical docu-movie ever made: The Gospel of John. The entire Gospel text narrated in sequence, no deviation, full representation of every verse in the Gospel according to John. The Gospel shown in this format is better than edited, theatrical versions as this is the complete text. The persons portraying people of that time are Middle Eastern, no English except that of the narrator. Authentic imagery, thorough narration, deeply compelling and informative to mind and spirit.


Lesson From Internet Privacy Obliteration

CNN and many websites are reporting that Congress just killed your Internet privacy protections. This is a good time to learn a real civics lesson. Before we get into the lesson, understand one thing. No one in Congress really believes in this. The pressure to win campaigns and not be undermined by corporations and other powerful groups who might back another candidate is stronger than you can imagine.  Continue reading

Book Review – Homo Deus

A promising book by Yval Noah Harari, it fails to deliver on the suggested topic of conversation. At least in terms of the amount of words committed to a technical description of the process of transcendence. Instead, it offers a surprise consolation in widening the conversation about the truth of the human mind. I think this happens due to the author’s intense background in philosophy and history. Interpreting people’s motivation to transcend their humanity rather than a labored exploration of enabling technical processes may be more likely in such case. When he does interpret the implications of technology to transcend humankind, he is yet fully detailed in his descriptions. The review of future conditions for humanity is credibly presented. Also, I found the conversation about motive highly accessible. Most of all, the insights revealed is useful knowledge. Continue reading

Fr. Wade Menezes, Thirst for Truth/Battle for Souls

A televised series in which Fr. Menezes describes sin, redemption, and our nature with God and what happens when we are apart from God. The scriptural details he shares and his communication method is highly effective in bringing clarity about love, self-knowledge, holiness, and many questions about the meaning of many things revealed in scripture. A powerful and deeply scriptural based presentation. Continue reading

Book Review – The Genius of Judaism

Bernard-Henri Lévy was a guest on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS show a few weeks ago. He is a regular on the show and his insights are compelling and deftly presented. I was intrigued by his summation of his recent book, The Genius of Judaism in which he offered the potential reader solid insights about people with an experience that span several millennia. I was intrigued by the prospect to understand more and so I took the journey. Continue reading

Compulsory Genetic Testing Coming Soon

A proposal is out to compel genetic testing.We may eventually turn the page on discrimination of ethnicity only to reach a new barrier to based on blood lines. A new caste system may derive from these acts and the great filtering out that follows would be epic.

Also, check out WikiLeaks Privacy and You.

Disclaimer: I have no issues with genetic testing or genetic science in general, just that there should be good choices including the choice to opt-out as well as informed consent.