Fr. Wade Menezes, Thirst for Truth/Battle for Souls

A televised series in which Fr. Menezes describes sin, redemption, and our nature with God and what happens when we are apart from God. The scriptural details he shares and his communication method is highly effective in bringing clarity about love, self-knowledge, holiness, and many questions about the meaning of many things revealed in scripture. A powerful and deeply scriptural based presentation.

He does not sugar coat the Bible message. You got to know your dark side very well. A source of prideful sin and error is seeing no problem in yourself. We all got something wrong about us, some tendency that can undermine our ability to love God, love others, and doing right by others and God. He makes clear how being honest about who we really are, knowing ourself to the core is a prerequisite to find yourself onto the path towards God’s love.

Self love may be in conflict with affiliation with God. Know your faults …

The pastor goes into many avenues. Inner warfare, passions, jealously ….

The sermons are about reality. Not all roses and sunshine but acknowledging the myriad problems in life but how real faith observance rooted in Christ is the solution to the challenges to one’s being. His presentation is very informative and prescriptive.

Our pilgrimage on earth cannot be exempt from trial. We progress by means of trial. No one knows himself except through trial, or receives a crown except after victory, or strives except against an enemy or temptations.


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