Lesson From Internet Privacy Obliteration

CNN and many websites are reporting that Congress just killed your Internet privacy protections. This is a good time to learn a real civics lesson. Before we get into the lesson, understand one thing. No one in Congress really believes in this. The pressure to win campaigns and not be undermined by corporations and other powerful groups who might back another candidate is stronger than you can imagine. 

The American National Anthem may have the words, “home of the free”, but big business does not believe in your freedom except as a marketing statement to get your dollars. Today’s civics lesson is, in this world, you only have the rights those stronger, mightier, and powerful than you say you have.

An intense discussion over at Slashdot about this matter. Is this worth terminating cell phone service? Many will be unaware of this but for those who look into this, it could be worth keeping Internet use to a minimum.

Also, encryption services are recommended as a way around this. The recommendations don’t always work on a smartphone because your ISP can and often does block it. Your only choice may be to cancel your cell phone/Internet service or greatly limit your use of it.


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