Dr. David Dao Deserved Better Travel Conditions

I saw the blood across Dr. David Dao’s face and my heart sank. Travel can challenging. Extremely stressful and frustrating at times. You can start out on a trip greatly enthused only to encounter a deep wall of sunk time and energy. Many who travel understand what this is like.

The situation with Dr. Dao is very unusual. A part of civilization crumbled, disintegrated around him and that is disturbing. Most of us who live in the same society as Dr. Dao assume that civility is automatic in certain settings. Civilization can fall in an instant as your rights disappear. As the brutality of the natural order rushes in to overcome civilized nature.

Travel as practiced in the modern world seems more stressful and ripe for greater stress. Cancelled or late flights. Difficult navigation. Inconsistent road structures across cities and rising cost of travel all add to the mix of problematic travel experiences. Add to that the pressure from those providing travel to lower costs, meet security demands, and uphold certain guidelines that do not always favor good customer service and you have a recipe for problems.

Dr. Dao’s mistreatment may be a sign of a weakening standard. Loss of respect for the customer, willingness to shift into brutality. We all will need something more than the standards of man to get through this. The challenge to remain whole in spirit will only increase. Perhaps it is time to look in a different direction such as the example of organizations like Hobby Lobby and Chik Fila and the beliefs that drive them to treat customers, employees, and the general public with greater respect and honor.

Backlash erupts after United passenger gets yanked off overbooked flight


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