Paper Google Maps Can Destroy Travel Plans

Google Maps is a popular way to get directions and get around. Convenience stores are not selling maps anymore leaving Google as your main source of navigation. A printed version of a Google map can be a useful way to learn a route in advance and streamline your travel without the distraction of a mobile device.

People who are sensitive about location tracking technology for a variety of reasons (sensitive government work, identity theft prevention, discretely helping others in sensitive travel situation, or general privacy) may find printed Google maps very useful. The paper-based version of the map then is a useful navigation tool. A pdf version could serve the same purpose. Sounds solid.

Except it doesn’t work. Printed Google maps have a history of problems. Sometimes innacurate. Sometimes too generic. Sometimes just plain wrong. You cannot consistently rely on Google maps in printed format. They’ll fail you in critical travel situations.

What’s odd about that is the Google Maps App does work. How is it you can’t get a consistently reliable map from Google in printed form, but the turn-by-turn version that uses your location and personal identifying features work so well. Whatever the reason, it sets you up for defacto tracking when travel further inhibiting roaming about as you will. Odd isn’t?

Thousands of Fake Google Maps Listings Redirect Users To Fraudulent Sites
25 Percent of US Driving Could Be Done By Self-Driving Cars By 2030, Study Finds
Later, cars will be automated. Turn-by-turn directions will be built into the cars. Let’s hope the perils can be minimized before this sort if thing becomes even more widespread. Whatever the case may be, as travel situations become more complex, this sort of technology becomes a necessity.

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