Book – Arise from Darkness (1)

Knowing how to address the question of evil and why God allows it. The book is a guide that draws on the Cross of Salvation and the Gospels to explain how to arise out of darkness.

The author talks about the lie of the happy ending the modern world feeds us from a very young age. How we can be led to believe dissapointment and pain will never come our way. Maybe not explicitly stated but the implication exist all the same. He calls it the universal denial of reality.

He explains that an immature perception of the world, that it is always rosy can set you up mentally to be angry at God. Myself, I have indeed heard much older people state disapproval that God does not just intervene and make things right immediately. The first time I heard that I was surprised.

My own conclusion years ago is evil is allowed as a consequence of free will. How much better would an eternal creation be if all who exist worshipped God freely and freely decided to stay in God’s will without coercion? We live in that time in which the character of souls is being worked out.

I went on a tangent there. The author continues by recognizing the cultural inclination towards using technology to abolish life’s discomforts and when that is not enough, then to smile and endure. Neurotic conditions that may follow from this is denial of pain is shown is described for the absurd and unnecessary cost of too much pretense to avoid being seen as weak.

I’ve looked through the first chapter at this point. A great book recommendation I learned about on TV. I didn’t know fully what the book was about, but the book title seemed interesting. If the opening chapter of the book is any indication, this should be a book about faith in modern times.


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