Do Not Read Too Much in Esoteric Analysis?

A few months ago, I saw some great writing that described esoteric patterns in popular movies. As I said, great writing. Some of the writings out there do a great job of showcasing how several themes in movies correspond to belief in esoteric ideas that can catch the unwary. As you read such things, you may come away with the thought that such analysis is credible and you must watch what you watch. Personally, I agree with that. My personal rule is you have to be careful what you allow to take up residence in your head. Let your mind dwell on positive things, good things, and concepts that are not stressful, disturbing, or corrosive to your inner moral structure. That is why I don’t watch horror movies at all. I find horror movies and images to be grotesque, nasty, unclean, and populates your mind with images and situations that are disordered.

A different class of movies exist that has another level of emphasis altogether. They may include themes of sorcery, magic, and mysticism. I avoid them as well. Partly for religious reasons, but also for reasons of reason. I’ve never seen proof of magic and other mystical ideas and so I cannot see the value in incorporating such themes into my mind. A case exists for God, but nothing besides that, from what I gather.

Anyway, I didn’t always eschew horror and mysticism. I naturally gave up horror over a decade ago when I found it didn’t make sense to me. Horror movies and tales don’t fit into my mindset. Mysticism took a lot longer because when expressed in movie form, special effects, story, and production values in general can result in an entertainment experience that devoid of criticism. Eventually, as I considered parts of Deuteronomy, I decided to excise movies containing such themes as well.

That left another class of movies that, while benign on the surface, may have contents or structures that are questionable. Movies that show humans as on a path towards godhood are movies I avoid because they contain their own issues in terms of what they say about equality, humility, dominance, etc which can weave their way into your psyche. However, movies others say contain hidden esoteric ritual elements are a gray area. I don’t know what an esoteric ritual is. Therefore, should I reject films others say are esoteric when I cannot identify such things when watching the films

A good example, is the movie Tron Legacy. When I watch the film, I see elements that hearken back nostalgically to the 1980s and an overt warning about the problems of putting too much faith in computers and technology. Others say the movie is esoteric, but I cannot see it. I’ve watched the film. At first, I could see nothing that would mislead a person in terms of dark belief. Instead, I see a positive message about family reunion, sacrifice, and man’s flawed efforts in control nature. Objectively, Gnostic elements do exist in the film. That can mislead persons pondering their existence in the wrong way. Thus, it is another films to be careful about. Does that make the film esoteric? In my view, it does. Yet, films that are similar in expression, lacking those elements can be misidentified as esoteric. The reality is, you are not going to have a gnostic experience through technology, Stargates, or any such things. That is a misstep of the mind.

Science fiction, is fiction. You have to be careful when watching such things. Many of us want to be entertained. It helps pass the time or provides a break from serious thinking. Provides a break while our minds drift into a relaxed mood. However, the wrong information into the mind sets you up for preconceived notions that can undermine your thought process on more serious and important matters. I had to learn that in a couple of ways and have asked myself, have I read too much into considering the flaws in some forms of media. The answer is you have to watch what you watch if you are to be consistent in what you believe, think, and consider about the world. I started out this post with doubts about esoteric analysis and come away with a view that, yes, even in film productions that appear modern and focused on elements of science, technology, and fantastic futuristic representations, they too, can be just another form of fictional mysticism that guides the mind away from solid thoughts and better instincts about the world.


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