Engaging the Flu Virus

Actually, I don’t know if I had the flu last week, but my illness felt flu-like. Relentless runny nose, headaches, pain in the knees, pain in the brain. Anyway, I thought I would tough it out.

Long story short. This sickness felt different. I got some flu medicine 3 days later plus some sinus irrigation. The medicine helped, the sinus irrigation made the situation more tolerable. I felt it necessary to let the sickness develop a bit. I thought about medicine a few days prior, but I thought I just had a sore throat. As the days went on, symptoms got worse. I finally reached the point where medicine seemed necessary.

Although I would have prefered an earlier end to the illness. That was not in the cards. In hindsight, I am glad I waited. I think it gave my immune system a chance to learn from the virus and to later work more effectively with the medicine.

Funny how you can write blog posts when you are sick but struggle to talk verbally. Sickness does not seem to impair the ability to type. It even seems you strangely enter a more focused state. Yet, it is better to be well.


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