Is An Airline Ticket Really Worth $10,000?

In the wake of the incident involving Dr. Dao, who was removed from a plane by force, more airlines are adjusting their policies to avoid problems in the future. One such move is where Delta will give you a sum approaching $10K if you give up your seat. Most people will probably take it except if they are not thinking straight. If you are offered $10K to give up a seat, does that address the following situations?

  • Does $10K replace the job you might lose if you miss the flight?
  • The funeral you miss?
  • The vacation reservations you made with friends?
  • Professional commitments you have if you are a lawyer, doctor, or other person in a critical role?

That is just a handful of the questions a person should ask themselves when being offered something like $10K to give up a seat. The stress of travel, the spontaneous nature of being offered such a sum, and the mix of social conditions in a confined space may cause a person to forgo logic and “take the money”. Doing so could be a huge mistake and maybe it is not a wise idea to put people social and professional lives in jeopardy through a sum that cannot replace certain things. Besides these considerations, it makes you think, what could be so important that a person must be offered $10K to give up a seat? Is the person for whom the seat is being offered in exchange compensating the airline in excess of $10K? The situation seems odd.


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