Movie – The Case for Christ

The movie based on Lee Strobel’s journey from atheist to believer is a solid, well presented story about the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection. The process of inquiry, research, and sidebar debate brought to surface important historical details that corroborate the most profound moment in human history. Although many people who watch the film have probably seen their share of historical documentaries about Jesus on NatGeo, Discovery, History Channel, or CNN Special Reports, this presentation is far more direct. 

The younger Lee Strobel had a keen mind and trusted only facts. He pursued and encountered well read individuals who made compelling cases for a different aspect of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Even the agnostic psychology professor, despite not believing herself, gave an unbiased account that many notable atheists had father issues. She correctly implied that young Lee Strobel had similar issues. 

Then there was the head medical doctor/researcher who described the details of crucifixion and how one dies on a cross. The details fall more in line with Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

I’ve never read Lee Strobel’s book despite seeing interviews over the years involving him on this book. The movie is sure to expand interest in what he has written. A good story with real life implications.


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