Uber Might Fall or Become the Amazon of Transportation

The world now takes mobile apps for granted. You are a dinosaur if you are holding to old ways of travel and navigation. Convenience stores don’t sell maps any more. Taxi drivers are not in all the spots where you need them. Today, you are expected to get around through location tracking solutions such as turn-by-turn Map apps. Now, Uber is the new thing that replaces taxi services. Call up Uber like you’d call up a map direction on your smart phone and you will get to your destination with greater convenience than you’d experience with a traditional phone call to a taxi.

The problem is Uber lost $2.8 billion last year and who can survive such losses? Well, the big internet commerce success story, Amazon.com, was in a similar situation. I don’t know if they were bleeding cash to the same extent, but under the capable leadership of Jeff Bezos, they survived and has thrived in their business. Uber, if they are lucky, will survive and thrive. I have my doubts, but it can happen. If it does, the way more of us travel in the future could be quite different.


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