Moving Past the Pain of a Loved One’s Departure

Many things have occurred in the weeks following my mother’s death. Actually, I didn’t realize how much I loved my mother until she was gone. I took her presence for granted. She was on this earth before I was born and was always available my entire life until recently. I could always talk to her, keep her company, and learn from her about life. Continue reading


5-13 Funeral

I am deeply thankful to everyone who came to the funeral on Sat. My mother departed this life on 5/6 approx. 11 a.m. after continued attempts at recovery through transfusion. Her passing affected her spouse and descendants in different ways. In the end, everyone came together and remembered her with the utmost candor and respect. Continue reading

Scriptures for Mother

The following scriptures are for mom and family in remembrance:

As a person who embodied wisdom and knowledge: Proverbs 1:1-7

As a great woman of faith: Proverbs 31:10-31

As a seeker of truth: 2 Timothy 1:1-14; 2 Timothy 3:10-17

As a person who loved: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Remembering Mom

I’ve spent some time these past days crying and in agony over the death of my mother. I spent every weekend for the past year and a half at her house and lived with her for 2 years before that and 6 months from July 2009 and again Feb/Mar 2010. After years apart living elsewhere, I got to know my mother again. I have great memories of my mother. Continue reading

Health Care Reform 2017 – Another Approach

I was never a fan of the Affordable Care Act. Embedded in some of my earlier posts on this blog are criticisms I shared about it. Make no mistake, my critique wasn’t so much about the substance of ACA but how it came about. You could say, I was in the camp that it didn’t go far enough and the timing when it was introduced. Today, ACA is established and has grown to become a means to help 10s of millions of people. The repeal of ACA without a genuine replacement that assists the poor, the chronically sick, and those with pre-existing conditions would cause many to reconsider their trust in civil society. How can we call ourselves advanced, noble, and a leading society if all those potential health care horror stories become real? Continue reading

Hillary Clinton – Women for Women International 2017

Hillary Clinton answered questions from┬áChristiane Amanpour at 20th Annual Women for Women International Gala on 5/2/2017. She had accepted the “Champion of Peace” award from this group and on this occasion was asked her views on a several matters. The interview was aired on TV which provided me with the chance to watch the entire proceeding. A person’s response to political loss, general life disappointment and how they move on productively is an interesting matter to check out. Suffice to say, Hillary’s natural presentation was a great example of not entirely putting the past aside but of walking in a fresh direction regardless. In the process, her answers to a variety of scenarios posed to her by Christiane was well delivered and filled with substance, insight, and useful knowledge for all present. Towards the end, she touched on AI (Artificial Intelligence), robots, and direct ways those developments may challenge employment and civil freedoms in the future. Hillary spoke about jobs, health care, and education in such a way that expertly exposed the interconnections between matters that seem separate. A great interview that may be on YouTube and is worth watching for the lessons, example of poise following loss, and an authentic portrayal of a different type of strength.