Health Care Reform 2017 – Another Approach

I was never a fan of the Affordable Care Act. Embedded in some of my earlier posts on this blog are criticisms I shared about it. Make no mistake, my critique wasn’t so much about the substance of ACA but how it came about. You could say, I was in the camp that it didn’t go far enough and the timing when it was introduced. Today, ACA is established and has grown to become a means to help 10s of millions of people. The repeal of ACA without a genuine replacement that assists the poor, the chronically sick, and those with pre-existing conditions would cause many to reconsider their trust in civil society. How can we call ourselves advanced, noble, and a leading society if all those potential health care horror stories become real?

Anyway, I never wrote much on health care reform. I am not part of the health care cycle. I haven’t been to a doctor for much in decades. Yet, I have relatives with cancer, blood issues, and bodily impairments of various kinds. As I’ve gotten more involved in hospital visitations and monitoring the health situations of others, health care has become a growing concern for me. I’ve seen news reports about people who benefited from the ACA. The impact is down-to-earth as real as it gets.

What is true health care reform? The real deal isn’t what is being talked about today or what people have seriously considered in the past. No, the true health care reform has the same level of societal critical priority as police, fire response, and military. The physical health of persons is at that same level. How is it we have urgent, frantic reactions when 2 or 3 people get shot at a gas station or a few people are in the line of fire in a shopping mall, but millions of people slowly dying is less important? Based on that perspective, health care is no different that making safe the lives of people in an overt crisis. The difference is the speed at which death occurs. Health care should be a government practice in the same way we have other agencies like police, fire, and military to safeguard people and situations.


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