5-13 Funeral

I am deeply thankful to everyone who came to the funeral on Sat. My mother departed this life on 5/6 approx. 11 a.m. after continued attempts at recovery through transfusion. Her passing affected her spouse and descendants in different ways. In the end, everyone came together and remembered her with the utmost candor and respect.

I thank my siblings for all being present and open with their feelings, thoughts, and memories. I thank my siblings-in-law for their many contributions, aid, good food, and steadiness and warmth. I thank my mother’s youngest sisters for their immediate assistance during a difficult time and for creating a reliable transition in family affairs. I learned for the first time that one of them helped raised me from my beginning in this existence. I thank my oldest aunts, great aunts, and elder relatives in attendance and whose powerful expressions of care and compassion went far to heal many who were there.

I greatly appreciate Chaplain Cole for his great sermon and eulogy, powerful and memorable words of encouragement. The Army Honor Guard detail did an excellent job in honoring my mother’s service and it bore special meaning that a female guard was leading the detail. My great thanks to the VFW for allowing us all to gather at the VFW Post and celebrate her life with food and conversation.

It was truly great to see my cousins who often were in counsel with my mother. Their presence was deeply reassuring. I was also glad to see people I hadn’t seen for decades but with whom I had instant connection. Relationships can heal. Love is real. The truth of both was reflected in both my mother’s life in this existence and departure to the next.


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