Forgiveness vs Trust

Are we all to forgive unconditionally? The answer is yes. Moreover, we are to work through our feelings until no room exists in our hearts for grudges and ill will. We are to reach that place where we accept hurt, pain, and disappointment in dealing with others. You have to let go of perceived discord.

Forgive and you will remain free in your own mind and spirit. Let go of the scorecard. Resolve to think that issues against you doesn’t matter. Be free of the thoughts that tie you down to the pain cycle that sometime breed a type of negative energy upon which you may feast. A deadly meal it is. Let it go.

At the same time, forgiveness is not an invitation to be stupid.

Forgiveness should never be confused with trust or prudence. You should forgive and do so from the heart. At the same time, while you forgive, use your instincts to know the costs of negative situations and the likelihood of recurring negative situations and persons.

If you have genuinely solid reasons to not trust persons or situations, you are well empowered to use sound judgement to avoid such things while hoping for the best for others. Sometimes forgiveness does mean trying again but trust is a separate issue. Other times, it is best to reconcile within yourself, find a different road to elsewhere while being certain to never try again.

Be wise. Do not try to live according to a Hollywood caricature of a peaceful, spiritually centered person. Walk the path and be smart about it. 


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