Response to Real-time, In-Your-Face Racism

A question was asked recently … What should you do if you witness a racist or Islamophobic tirade? Opinion … unless you are law enforcement, get away from the situation.

Hollywood movies are great at inspiring a hero complex, but real life is not the movies. One of my brothers was traveling one day a few years ago. That night, he witnessed an incident and tried to save someone from getting harmed and was near fatally stabbed with a knife. He recovered, but it was a brutal revelation.

Every news report of a hero overshadows dozens of experiences of attempted interventions that go horribly wrong. The best thing to do is stay away from situations that do, can, or are on their way to bubbling up into tragic conflict.

Racism is wrong. Aggressive racism can prove to be a very difficult situation. Other ways exist to deal with it besides placing your life in jeopardy. Curbing adrenal response can be challenging, which is why it is best to practice walking away. Far away.


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