London Attacks Preview End of Free Speech

The pretense of freedom people think they have is about to expire soon. More people die every few months to gang violence, traffic accidents, and certain drugs than what you see in London. Instead, how you respond to events like you see in London plays on your patriotism. Manipulates your patriotism to make you accept having your rights taken away.

Once that happens, smart PhD’s will be put into position to apply their intellect to tell you how to live. They won’t do this directly, but will be empowered by various officials who in turn are empowered by powerful people giving them the marching orders, “control this society.”

You may think you can think what you want, but you are mistaken. WikiLeaks revealed more than certain groups were comfortable with people knowing. Controlling the Internet means no more WikiLeaks, no more discussions about social and political issues. No more knowledge about how things really work which can threaten the pursuit and expansion of power. The domination of people and their conversion to drone like people who resemble the real thing.

   Also: London, ‘reeling’? The city that weathered Nazi bombs pushes back against fear.


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