Russian Election Interference, US Federal Privatization, Global Resource Extraction

The Cold War isn’t finished. I am nearly done with a 2013 book by William Blum that sheds light on many topics I was apparently mis-educated about earlier in life. I see parallels between his research findings on civics topics and today’s events. The Cold War is still on, but it is not what you may have been told.

If William Blum’s research is correct, then there is a possible reason for the Russian Interference in 2016 Election story. Who knows if that story is true, but true or not, it has shaped up into a finely delivered distraction designed to sweep up even smartest journalists, politicians, and Intel investigators.

The story may have substance. Yet, even if people pay a price, their public disgrace would still be another diversion. The goal is still the same.

Privatize major parts of the Federal government. Tranfer control of government operations to private industry. Cede control over government functions to corporations who would then have more direct management over how civil services work day-to-day. Long-term, trillions of dollars in tax revenue would flow from the public directly into private hands. Workers, in a sense, would indirectly give money back to the companies they work for while losing more income to more fees to pay for government services sponsored by and operated by those corporations.

People may not find that appealing, but this will happen anyway. However, even though there is nothing anyone can credibly do about it, at least this makes sense of news that is otherwise confusing. William Blum has researched and gathered some pretty good information that makes you far more informed about what is going on in the world.

Mr. Blum has even identified part of the fuel for this process. Certain schools turn out advanced graduates who use their skills to advance this enterprise. That is the manner in which this process is systematically executed. Smart people able to make unassailable arguments for programs whose undetectable effect is to undermine the interests of peoples at home and abroad.

Finally, you realize that opposing government systems that are not capitalist is not done because something is wrong with those systems. Instead, you realize that trying to make other countries embrace capitalism has one goal among many. Change a society’s mindset from one of resource conservation and preservation into a mindset of indiscriminate resource extraction and release. That will eventually impoverish that country and persons to the benefit of the one who defines and controls the capitalist ideology. When the resource transfer is this disproportionate, the ones guided into this situation becomes weaker over the long-term until they reach a point of unrecoverable disadvantage. Ruling over persons in such situations becomes far easier. That is what the Cold War and the global war is all about.


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