2nd Week of July is Revolutionary

Research done by Terry Melanson suggests Camille Desmoulins made some motions on July 12, 1789 to touch off the French Revolution. Since the Enlightenment Era in Europe, revolutions seemed to have grown in abundance. The historical record on that is not in dispute. What is interesting is the importance of the week of July 12 – 14. Throughout European and Western history beginning in the late 18th century, the second week of July has been a time of intrigue among conspirators seeking to change society. Continue reading


Young Men Saying No to Work for Video Games

A new story is out that Young Men Are Working Less as Some Economists Think It’s Because They’re Home Playing Video Games and that may be evidence of the sharp intellect of young men. On the linked forum are some choice observations:

grasshoppa thinks the study is bunk but that maybe young men have seen a toxic mating culture that typically ends in divorce or otherwise triggers poisonous dynamics.

ErichTheRed thinks the video game connection is dubious but otherwise sees a culture that treats workers as disposable commodities. ErichTheRed further concludes companies can do better but don’t and young men who have seen generations of people giving 40+ years of their lives to a work culture that seems increasingly toxic has decided they’ll sit this one out. Continue reading