2nd Week of July is Revolutionary

Research done by Terry Melanson suggests Camille Desmoulins made some motions on July 12, 1789 to touch off the French Revolution. Since the Enlightenment Era in Europe, revolutions seemed to have grown in abundance. The historical record on that is not in dispute. What is interesting is the importance of the week of July 12 – 14. Throughout European and Western history beginning in the late 18th century, the second week of July has been a time of intrigue among conspirators seeking to change society.

The events of the second week of July 2017 are no less notable:

  1. The movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets comes out (actually, the movie is reviewed 7/14 but released 7/21). A film that features not just actors/actresses with esoteric backgrounds, but film that is itself an intense expression of multiple areas of esoterica. Not least of which includes strong themes involving transhumanism, gnosticism, and apotheosis.
  2. Renewed calls for Net Neutrality to emphasize equal access to information. The minds of society cannot be sufficiently liberated if the fuel of transformation is kept at bay. Some however are playing an interesting game of advocacy for Net Neutrality while maintaining closed systems otherwise.
  3. Business world changes that coincidentally coincide with this famous week.

July 14 is a day of particular significance. The storming of the Bastille, the edicts of 1784 by the Bavarian Elector, celebrations of 1790 by Baron von Knigge and fellows regarding events the year preceding 1790. July 14 represent a unique victory in annals of attempts to change the customs of the day.


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