Harvey Response Gets a Boost from Expert Heros

The growing response to the mass floods in East Texas has highlighted the true positive spirit of humanity. All sorts of volunteers in the thousands have gotten involved to help and their collective assistance has gone far to turn things around for hundreds of thousands of people. The reaction to the storm and its aftermath is evidence that a greater future is ahead for mankind. People have doubted if humanity will fare well in the end, but we see that people recognize we are all in it together. That together we survive and together we thrive.

Prosperity and good times seems far away for many people in East Texas and West Louisiana right now. Many are safe in shelters and others are held up in houses with the occupants hemmed in by deep water and who knows what else. Good times seem distant and hard to recall. Anxiety is high but hope is near and the proof is in the arrival of the expert heros.

Thousands of persons from the US Active Military have come onto the scene and the many rescues they’ve already carried out are nothing less than above all belief. True to expectation, they have brought a level of expertise in pulling people out of difficult situations and navigating tough circumstances beyond what is thought possible. More sailors, soldiers, airmen, and marines are on the way and their combined exercise of expert humanitarian recovery technique and process will enhance recovery efforts towards an accelerated conclusion. People’s duration of duress will be shortened bringing them closer to recovery much sooner.

Franklin Graham has done a superb job marshalling people of Christian faith to work directly with affected persons in the recovery of their homes and spirits. The combination of organization and altruism is stunningly effective in being the kind of help people need during and after the events as seen in the past few days. Their mission and level of compassion and aid will work to bring members of society back into a productive existence transforming an utterly dour experience into a chance for a new chapter in life.

I won’t sugar coat. Sure, there are reports of dark moments. Yet, the positive outcomes of people being saved, rescued, sheltered, and numerous persons lending aid, time, and working to the point of fatigue to help others far outweighs the negative. The storm was terrible, the dissolution of living spaces unwanted, yet the silver lining is there in the affirmation of the untapped nobility of humanity on display without prompting. The drive the go on despite the damage, the difficulties and to hold together on the path towards brighter days in which all work in concert to build again to live life even more than before.


Hurricane Harvey is a Call to Help and a Preview of the Future

Thousands of square miles across Texas has been covered in deep water that has removed normal civilization from 8+ million people. Nature has arisen and asserted dominance over the land and has destroyed the normal flow of human society. People are not designed to live in the midst of knee-deep and waist deep water. Cars no longer work, houses can be lived in no longer, and all the businesses are closed down permanently. What is called normal life is no more.

Katrina and Harvey shows that nature is greater than mankind. At the same time, the catastrophes reveal the true nature of people. What you see in these disasters is that at the core, people try to save each other, help each other, work to bring others out of difficult situations. The goodness of man emerges in greater abundance in situations like these and nothing reveals the truth more that mankind is essentially good than the fact that people who could abstain from helping others and just save themselves instead go out and do just the opposite.

No one can ever say to this generation that mankind is anything but good.

Beyond this, we see a preview of the future in the present.

The response to Harvey has been of a non-traditional nature. In times past, great leaders have come out and marshalled the society at large to defy impossible circumstances and effect recovery in real-time. Those leaders have stood at the helm of a well-organized system effective in coordinating materials, equipment, and people to reduce the duration in which people experience a state of duress. Today, based on most media reports, people are seemingly self organized under groups like the Cajun Navy as well as a loose affiliation of interested volunteers.

A condition in which 15 trillion gallons of water has encountered land is tough to address. Despite the conditions, it seems that leaders of much earlier eras would have a resolve, leadership presentation, and level of counsel and scenario planning in advance of such situations to more effectively address circumstances like these with greater confidence. Maybe leadership execution has evolved, but maybe the right leadership for these situations has evolved beyond the purview of society?

The future will only see more situations like what is occurring now. With an increase in population 4 times what it is today, how much more devastating will such events be? What mechanisms will be in place to recover society and people in proportion to our supposed advanced status in terms of technology, knowledge, and modernity?

Those are questions for another time. More pertinent to today is the prospect of a second wave of deluge from Harvey. How useful would be the involvement of the broader US military? Considering the US military how about the following:

– If none of that, at the very least, business CEOs and companies paired with leading civilians in key business or non-profit positions with a strong military and/or organizational and planning background and vast financial resources and connections could get involved and have a huge impact on the situation in Texas.

The many volunteers that are out and lending aid to their neighbour are doing what is right. When I saw Billy Graham’s Rapid Response trucks marching down the highway, my heart rose that the religious community is putting faith into action to help people here and now. The Red Cross and other agencies are going to make the situation much better for those stricken with sudden loss of everything. Yet, to improve the situation dramatically requires rigorous execution, structure, order, and accommodation to other cities.

Later, rebuild will occur. The replacement of houses and their later eradication by flood is not sustainable. Perhaps it is time for housing developments with large, wide, thick bases that extend several feet off the ground in which floods on the ground become irrelevant. Affordable but modern high rises to live in and not houses. Lower levels for cars and ground level movement when dry but systematically closed off in a flood to preserve building occupants from rising waters. Otherwise, will it be profitable to rebuild only to see all that has been rebuilt destroyed years later? The storms are increasing in intensity and while that condition may not be changeable, certainly the choice of what is built for such situations can change. Until the time for such decisions, let all our prayers and good intentions focus on the 10s of thousands of good samaritans active on the scene today and the effort of the civil workers striving to help others.

Electric Cars Sounds Good Except for Recharge Requirements

I am a huge fan of electric cars even though I was skeptical 2 years ago. I changed my view on them after watching a Tesla video showing how they made the engines. An engine with a 1 million mile warranty? That is awesome. A car that doesn’t need the kind of maintenance that make or break the running longevity of vehicles today. I like that. Now, we see that Hyundai To Build a 300-Mile-Per-Charge Electric Car. Amazing. Bring the electric cars.

Except … not all of us have convenient access to electric charging. That scenario quickly dampens my enthusiasm for electric cars. Either high utility bills, residential situations lacking easy access to a wall socket, or getting stranded on the side of the road due to time pressures that encouraged postponing doing a full recharge cycle . . . you have disaster.

It is too bad there can’t be some kind of timing belt that runs the equivalent of an alternator and perpetually recharges the battery in an electric vehicle. Combine that with aggressive solar, aggressive micro wind turbine technology built into the vehicles and maybe there is a better chance for the vehicles to be more widely practical. Unfortunately, smart amateur and professional engineers alike have tried these ideas with limited success. Anyway, I still hope some enterprising individual will solve the recharge dilemma and make the energy part convenient, broadly accessible, and affordable. Otherwise, I see a great concept with a slower than anticipated rollout cycle.

Let’s eliminate the oil change …

Rocking with the Snoo

Looking at the article about A robotic crib that rocks babies to sleep seemed interesting because of the possibilities for better sleep. Adults are often advised to get a good night’s rest. The health benefits are enormous when you sleep properly. What would be the impact on future generations if they didn’t wait until adulthood to get good sleep? Getting 8 – 9 hours a sleep at night as a newborn could have a huge impact on generations hereafter.

All Represented for Freedom in Boston

Peace, love, unity and inclusiveness was beyond all prominence in display in the State of Mass. on 8.19.2017. Consistent with Boston’s historical role in America as a place where freedom is claimed and announced loudly to all the world to know and recognize, counter-protesters dwarf controversial rally in Boston with such numbers as to stir an immediate impression that a huge number of people in the United States of America care far more about the dignity, value, and right of others of benevolent nature to coexist in society than those who express otherwise. The exceeding outpour of huge supporters of a common union of all people redeemed the impression of American polity. The story in the U.S. is complicated along the edges in historical terms. At the core however has been and is a durable core of broad-minded and genuinely inclusive voices that are a majority who seek the continuation of freedom and opportunity for all people. The Boston event of 8.19.2017 is a proud moment in the course of the evolving constitution of society that oppression, hate, and homogeneous ethnic privilege has no place long-term in the future course of the world. Rather, the future truly is that all people together in freedom, dignity, peace, and nurture of positive potential and prosperity for all.

Living Alone on an Island of Hate

Some days I hardly look at the Internet or TV so I didn’t expect anything Tuesday when late in the evening I decided to turn on the TV and heard about the issues in Charlottesville, VA. At first, it didn’t register with me what was going on and then slowly, I became more aware that a major event took place. I was a bit shocked only because seeing severe expressions of white supremacy is just not an everyday thing. Continue reading

Cars – Replace Instead of Repair

Huge multitudes of people depend on cars to get around. A vehicle in good operating condition can mean the difference between getting to a job and not having one. Access to food, laundry, hair care, sporting events, church, unique nature areas, family in other locales, and a variety of services are usually facilitated by a working vehicle.

Three common problems exist in sustaining a good ride.  Continue reading