Air Force Lt. Gen. Jay B. Silveria on Inclusion

The US Military continues to lead the way in social unity, inclusion, and comraderi by the example set by its top leaders. Senior military leaders have among the very best leadership backgrounds when applied to tough circumstances. This was no more on display than when Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria exercised the ancient tradition of rallying the team in the best direction forward.  Continue reading


Consciousness is Deeper than Science

As others say, “Consciousness Goes Deeper Than You Think,” which seems to imply that it can be redefined. Well, maybe it is already understood but just not in a purely rationalistic way. Can you place the inner observer on the outside to see what it was that was being observed from within? Maybe. So far no method applicable to most persons is available to address that scenario. What remains is intuitive interpretation through the lens of experiential descriptions. In other words, everybody knows consciousness is but it doesn’t fully fit in everyday language. That’s the simplicity (inner) and enormity (post material/mechanism) of it.

1970s ‘The Network’ Meets ‘A World Without Mind’

Franklin Foer informs us that Big Tech seeks to “make the world less private, less individual, less creative, less human” as I recall was foretold in the 1970s film, The Network. In that film, a narrative was stated near the end in which former news anchor, now media sensation, Howard Beale reveals several truths:

  1. Corporations runs things. Nations are an illusion.
  2. Media (TV, web, mobile, social media) forms reality.
  3. The system converts people into zombies … a shallow imitation of real people.
  4. Your life is not really yours.

Don’t worry. These conditions are not permanent to the extent you think for yourself. That’s dangerous thinking that sometimes bears more pain but that is the price of freedom.

Wisdom in Squirrel Nut Burying

There’s a Logic To How Squirrels Bury Their Nuts that can provide insights about life. Apparently, squirrels bury nuts in a systematic way the same way humans put files in folders on a computer or different foods in different containers. They organize nuts using the Earth itself as a storage bin. 

If you’ve ever tossed bread into a backyard area trafficked by squirrels, you know they have an endearing way of grabbing what they need. They cooperate and compete at the same time. Alpha squirrels do exist and are generally given more room and time to eat while other squirrels may travel as a band and eat strategically. As a band, squirrels are like monkeys in which some are more alert for trouble. The scouts are positioned just so that as the inner party finishes, they rotate in followed by others who previously looked on from a greater distance. Squirrels are a pretty cohesive group.

Reports of their organizing ability is thrilling. It shows that some traits attributed solely to humans are actually encoded in life itself. Further, there are practices that seem to be well advised regardless of sentience level.

Slashdot Life Posts of Interest 9/15/2017

A few solid posts regarding the interaction of technology and life …

Every Major Advertising Group Is Blasting Apple for Blocking Cookies in the Safari Browser

Finally, we can get some cookie tracking relief

Silicon Valley Bosses Are Globalists, Not Libertarians

Easy to forget that it is inherently a technocratic-based, social engineering enterprise

Many Machine Learning Studies Don’t Actually Show Anything Meaningful, But They Spread Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

Repeat 3 times, statistics is not artificial intelligence and the numbers really can say anything having impact before any real, independent vetting has been done

We’re Eating Plastics From Our Own Dirty Laundry

Many things we don’t see are entangled with the things we do see as absolute, 100% perfect cleanliness may be impossible … so pretty much everything can kill you and being careful isn’t easy

Why Must You Pay Sales People Commissions?

A solid debate about sales commissions is good every once in a while

Amazon’s Whole Foods Price Cuts Brought 25 Percent Jump In Shoppers

Looks like more people are going to start eating healthy with non-GMO become the rule rather than the exception

The New Corporate Recruitment Pool: Workers In Dead-End Jobs

Wow … an employment strategy that could actually work