Wisdom About The Future of Work

The Future of Work Might Not Be So Bleak says one article and the associated comments about it contain many useful nuggets.


Faster Cancer Spread by Sugar

As I read the article, “Sugar and cancer: Is there a link?“, I came away with the inconclusive sense that too much sugar on a regular basis is a good way to assist the spread of cancer. It appears that cancer cells can replicate faster in the presence of simpler sugar. The article hints at embracing complex sugars, but that brings its own issues. Maybe the best thing is to simply reduce sugar intake as a general dietary practice.

Amazon Reloc and a New Tech/Industrial Boom

Congratulations to Jeff Bezos on becoming ranked the wealthiest entrepreneur as his company considers where to invest next. He has a rare opportunity to expand his business and have a positive, indirect philanthropic impact on communities that could use an economic boost. The Rust Belt area of the US in what is called the Mid-South contains national hubs for logistics, manufacturing, and retail. Though such expertise is on offer, like any region these days many find challenges in advancing in industry as the result of cycles of business optimization.  Continue reading

Climate Change Floods Requires City Rebuild

Floods could strike NYC every five years, says a climate study and that means the city and others like it must be rebuilt. All the lower floors of multi-story buildings will need to be raised several feet off the ground. All one-level buildings will need to be converted to multi-story versions. The base of a building, any building will have to be a big mass of concrete or metal, raised many feet off the ground with the first floor on top of that. Flood waters would then circulate around that mass of material out of reach of the first floor dwelling.

Given all that, it may be easier to simply demolish existing buildings and start fresh. A 21st Century building design for flood prone areas to offset the effects of climate change. It is too late to point the finger and assign blame. Rather, the reality of floods requires a solution if the same land areas are to be occupied.

Movies at Face Value

The golden screen can once again become a source of quality, passive entertainment. One of the steps is to unplug from the hidden messaging of the past and instead look to clearer plots that are more of what they seem.

Plato placed warnings about artists and impact of art. Present-day use of art using movies and media can often be more than it seems. A great podcast covers some of this in: Hollywood is a Collapsing Covert Operation – Jay Dyer Campaign for Liberty Speech.