Personal Data Privacy is Important

Information about a person in which they either felt compelled to give up or was not informed about as to the full consequences of release should be private. Individuals are vulnerable in life. Digital or analog, physical world or cyberspace, we all have weaknesses that when exploited brings harm. Too much information about an individual is ripe for abuse. More the case when private information, social media, e-commerce, banking, and government all combine into a deadly cocktail for the individual. Continue reading


Silence vs Intellect, In Brief

If ancient scholars are correct and silence is the gateway to a more complete encounter with the Divine through contemplative meditation in the form of prayer, then the intellect can only emanate a micro portion of something inaccessible to the intellect in its full capacity.

Silence immediately converted to action without intervening dialog can be quite powerful. Intellect aided by powerfully cultivated contemplation in silence can be more effectively synchronized with wisdom. Their synthesis then produces a higher quality form that is an effect but not a cause. Properly applied and experienced, real silence becomes the origination of innovation of spirit, through, and action.

Managing Worry of Worldly Loss

Jesus states in Matthew, “Who, by worrying, can add a moment to their years?” When people depart this earth, life does continue on in their absence. A fact that, at times, may be uncomfortable to realize but part of the truth of man’s existence. No one can control life. Sometimes, if we are prepared or suitably experienced, we can control narrow situations but we cannot perfectly master every moment in the time that flows before us. The vast universe around us is highly dynamic, spontaneous, and abrupt changes emerge in the social and physical life of people many times. Continue reading

Sex, Work Relationships, and Falling Stars

The near daily revelations about sexual discord in the world of fame brings to mind an all too common situation. I once knew a manage who was undone due to intimate relations with a subordinate. I did not serve under this person and never suspected anything. However, people gossip and the story came out. Most of my career, I have heard third-hand accounts of similar situations. Sometimes the gender roles are reversed and it becomes a comedy in which onlookers are mildly laughing at the recipient of quasi-maternal affection. Continue reading