Giving Your Life to Technology

The article, Bill Gates is surprisingly strict about his kids’ tech use — and it should be a red flag for the rest of us, is useful in it makes you ponder the limits of the social and life benefits of computer technology. The article talks about the second thoughts some big investors are having about technology. Many have given many years of their life to the tech enterprise and may have to ask … was it worth it?

Relatedly, Tim Cook encourages his nephew to limit access to social networks. Quite a lesson exists there about the perceived worth of some tech tools and tech environments when it comes to the decisions of the captains of industry.


Humans Influencing Other Animals’ Intelligence

Eagles using burning sticks in pack hunting. Comments to the article: Domesticated wolves apparently can defend a farm using burning sticks from fires managed by humans. Birds feeding squirrels. Newer cars seem to have an issue with biodegradable wires: Critters of various kinds eating up car wires made of soy.

Meaning of Haiti

The article, How Haiti Became Poor, is the absolute best article I have seen that puts much of the situation about Haiti, Europe, Western progress, and minorities in context. After reading the article, you realize that traditional news media and education can never fully inform you about why some situations are as degraded as they appear. The traditional media is an important but narrow lens through which to gain understanding. Thus enters the Internet and the article that summarizes the salient points about why and how Haiti and other countries like Haiti got to the place they occupy in people’s minds. After reading the article you realize history and reality are definitely not what they seem.

  • Haitians defeated French Emperor Napoleon and thus are fully capable of self-determination.
  • Haitians rebuilt Haiti several times but routine exploitation from beyond Haiti has delayed full recovery.
  • The tragic parts of the story of Haiti and El Salvador may repeat itself in the wider world.

DACA Deal Trick

The proposition to restore DACA in exchange for a wall is perilous. Basically, the offer is to say yes to DACA, erect a wall and in the process close the door behind you. Prediction is the DACA proposition as currently defined will make people unwitting accomplices in reinforcing virtues of isolation, exclusion, and a certain interpretation of exceptionalism. The alternative is to make or accept a grave sacrifice towards a goal of political change that would restore that lost and more.

Bad MLK Day

Perhaps this MLK Day is bittersweet. The dream is still alive but the silence in some quarters instead of advocacy for the value of essential humanity leaves considerable pause. Yet, there is no shortage of those with greater power to emphasize their rights over those with less power for no other reason than to just have more.

Computer Meltdown Flaw

Major chip flaws affect billions of devices and it does not matter as long as you can avoid typing sensitive information on these devices. They are practically designed to leak. Theoretically, there is spyware undetectable by mainstream security software. Malware can cause problems in a more overt way but a stronger version is setup to not be noticed and just leak what you type, send, receive, save or delete.
 Google Says Almost All CPUs Since 1995 Vulnerable To ‘Meltdown’ And ‘Spectre’ Flaws