Unified Korea

North Korea accepts offer from South to meet for peace talks and if they rejoined into a single society that would provide a huge, positive input into the global economy. Vast parts of North Korea is unknown and so the tourism, camping, and wilderness exploration possibilities are exciting. A Planet Earth III could be filmed that provides great new wonders never before widely seen. 

Further, as millions of North Koreans apply contribute their minds to challenges in medicine, technology, and other areas, they may have breakthroughs that help in areas of solving disease, hunger, and present-day limitations in cyber security.

Whatever the negative opinions are on North Korea, a new direction is possible. A turn of circumstances that make wonder and prosperity a reality. Cultures are often divided in order to more easily conquer them. Real culture takes thousands of years to build. It would be a shame to see all the dormant cultural wealth dissipate. Korean history is interesting in the clues within it to a great potential under unification.


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