Clean Body from What You Eat

Many years ago I chose to eat only vegetables and not touch meat. I read labels and if I do not understand the ingredients, I am less likely to go forward with the food item. I also avoid meat ingredients such as eggs so that excludes several baked goods. Last year, I learned about the dangers of acrylamide in fried potatoes and have abstained from french fries and most fried food including potato chips. I am food conscious. Continue reading


Digital Enhancement Destroys Authentic Memories

More pictures are taken with phones and those pictures still do not stack up to a traditional camera. While it is true that any snapshot of a rare or fleeting situation is better than none at all, when you do have a choice, a phone camera may not be the right way. Brian talks about this in, What smartphone photography is doing to our memories. He focuses on the distraction that phone pose in disrupting our own memory of the event photographed. However, what is not mentioned is the effect photographic enhancement has on accurately capturing a moment in time. Continue reading

No More Warnings about Digital Apocalypse

The digital apocalypse will be survived. People can definitely live without computers. Yet, any critique of computers is not fatal. They are very useful devices that just happen to be used in the wrong way in some cases. With all the data breaches, identify misappropriation, and easily automated leakage of information, we humans have not learned that these machines cannot keep our secrets … for long. The machines can slow down or prevent you doing things when you cannot access a website because you no longer use paper. Continue reading

Movie: Black Panther

The movie was tastefully done and world-class. The layers of morality woven throughout the film was addressed strove towards an ideal in a realistic way. The portrayal of an advanced African society was dignified, consistent with tribal expressions, and had real life. The blend of a restive, relaxed, connected Wakanda rural and metro city life (with clean bazaars and merchant activity, kids playing in the streets without fear) was a clear and refreshing contrast with the lives experienced in first world nations in reality and the Marvel’s echo of that reality. A lead character T’Challa was presented with various dilemmas and I found the portrayal of how he ultimately expressed himself and emphasized to be a true model of authentically noble leadership. Continue reading

Sadhana – Anthony de Mello – Part 1

A book was given to me a few weeks ago by the name, Sadhana A Way to God. I am right in the middle pages of the book and the experience so far has been illuminating. It turns out the Jesuits have very compelling views on faith, thought, existence, and spirituality. They have access to solid information and spiritual practices that are perhaps a missing link between East and West. I think the exercises in Sadhana by Anthony de Mello are an exemplary way to deepen one’s understanding of one’s self, existence, internal motivation, and how to widen one’s capacity to receive more inspiration life, God, and the universe. I’ll have more to say on this later.

Innovation Birthed from Repair

The ability to fix things, stitch them together so they work again is a fundamental way to understand those things. The resurgence is highlighted in, Can we fix it? The repair cafes waging war on throwaway culture? How many people got a huge boost from taking things apart, exploring, and then figuring out how to make them go? Steve Wozniak led to Apple. What new innovations may appear once the repair culture gets back into full swing?

Modern Sexuality and Relationships – Love vs Security

Close relationships can fritter and dissolve. The reasons seem numerous. One of the ways relationships tend to be measured is through sex. In human experience, few things bond two persons more than intimate coupling. What happens though when what helped fuel a stronger connection between two people is no longer a part of how they correspond? A few are asking Why Americans are having less sex? A similar situation is observed in Japanese men and women giving up dating and marrying friends. The reality is that modern life has better informed people about age-old patterns of coexistence. Continue reading