US Constitution on its Way to Uselessness

Many people served their country to defend the US Constitution but the document some of them died for is actually being turned into a worthless piece of paper. The news of a New Bill In Congress Would Bypass the Fourth Amendment, Hand Your Data To Police means that to the people in power, the vast masses of people are … nothing. Sheep to be shafted when convenient. What young people should learn about the “American Experiment” is that societies based on democracy are not formed to make people free or to stay free. Instead, seemingly free societies are formed as a more clever means to enrich elites who use the illusion of freedom to get people to buy into a system that serves as a shield for elite prosperity with the best scraps for those who do best in going along with the program. The next time someone says “America”, “Freedom”, and “Flag” know that reality does not always resemble what you may have been taught in civics class.


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