Most of us function in the public sphere. Who are we? The answer to that question can be defined professionally. In that case, there is a measure of ourselves that is relevant to that context. Outside our professional context, there is a greater sense of ourselves that fulfills the definition of our total selves.

General Background

I am a Northern-born United States citizen of African descent with a direct Puerto Rican lineage who grew up in the American South. I am well-educated, read, and experienced in several disciplines. I did live in other countries and have experience of a few regions of the Continental United States. Besides discussing life on this blog, I also discuss faith on another.

A strong sense of the arts, humanities, and literature was cultivated in me very early in life and I was an avid practitioner of visual art. Later in life I shifted to analytical activity in the field of information technology where I spent several years in various software-based roles.

Life can be more than our professional activity and that experience of differences, food, joy and tragedy, landscapes, natural vistas, fine architecture, and turmoil and character growth are things to which we can be aware and apply ourselves to a higher standard. I talk more about higher standards on my main website.

Point of View

It is a blog and likely a filtered source of information. While you cannot know a person entirely from a blog, you can gain a sense. Only real life interactions show you more of the total person. A blog like this still has value in what a person does share. I find the crystallizing nature of sharing thoughts to be useful. A journal of a more sensible kind.



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