A Different World, an Evolution of Government and Society

The world we live in can be different than the way it is today. How do things look like now? Governments bear high debt threatening long-term stability. Cost of living seems higher than either paychecks or welfare can overcome. Despite a modern world with advanced technology and access to all the world’s knowledge, here, in the 21st century violence, poverty, and security remain challenges. A better path is possible. Continue reading


Technology for Paycheck-to-Paycheck Living

Being connected is important. Getting access to technology to connect can be easy or difficult depending on your circumstances. You are living paycheck-to-paycheck and struggle to make rent, payments on utilities, car and insurance, and afford groceries. This is not new, it has been the way things are for years. Now you need a computer, tablet, or smart phone only to be reminded that your checking account balance is always too short to do anything about it. What do you do?

Economic Realities

Large numbers of people are living paycheck-to-paycheck. Others are struggling without the benefit of income at all. When you look at the poverty rate in the US, some 46 million people are in poverty today. Those that get out of poverty and enter the workforce may join at a time when the US labor force participation rate is so low that about 90 million people are struggling with getting or keeping a job. Whether you are in poverty, struggling with employment, debt, and income, you may yet find yourself part of the large segment of the population with a low enough credit score as to be considered a person with bad credit.

To summarize, millions of people have problems with one or more of the following: Poverty, Jobs, Income, and Credit. People in this category may have significant problems getting the technology they need to move up in society. They may even struggle to get the technology at a level to keep pace with society at large.

What are the solutions for you if you are either poor, ineligible for credit, or lacking the income necessary to get the technology tools necessary to participate in modern society?

Education is Necessary but a Challenge

More people are headed to college which traditionally improves upon life outcomes. Education is so important that it will take decisive action to make it more accessible and beneficial to more people. Many ideas are on the table to define better solutions for education. One of the challenges in education is making the right choices for education technology. You can read about my general overview about the choice ahead for education technology and the digital divide. Wherever you stand on education in the 21st century or the right approach for getting an education or delivering education, affordability is one of main factors to consider.

Affordable Smart Phones

One of the engines of growth behind the adoption of smart phones is subsidies by telecom corporations. Millions of customers have acquired $400 to $900 phones covered under multiple year contracts where the cost of the device is paid over several years by Continue reading

Quiet Influence of Architecture

The structure surrounding you can lift you up or lead you to do things in a better way. That structure can be nature itself. You sit on a large granite rock and take in the sky the land and become one with the simplicity before you. At that moment, you are one with life itself and for a few minutes or a few hours, you understand everything. Everything that is important anyway. Relationships, conservation, harmony, and transcendent love.

You move away from your place of observation. Back into the flow of modern existence and once again know you must learn again what you have forgotten. Continue reading

Strategic Driving and Parking

Little will save you from an auto accident that is going to happen anyway. Understanding that, there are steps you can take to improve the odds that you will continue to drive without an accident. You have heard about defensive driving. I am introducing what I call Strategic Driving. Strategic Driving is where you take defensive driving and apply it to other driving situations.

Idling Safely In Traffic or at Turn

You have heard the rule about keeping a distance from other cars. Usually, this rule is to apply when you are driving behind other cars. What about when you are stopped behind other cars waiting to turn or at a traffic light? The best thing is not to idle close to the car in front of you, but to idle at a distance of 2 cars back from the car in front. That way, while you are temporarily holding the brakes and the brakes fail (they shouldn’t but they could), you’ll have enough of a gap to possibly avoid hitting the car in front. Continue reading

Modern Way for Really Getting a Job

The unemployment office has transformed significantly into a highly capable force for getting people jobs beyond administering compensation until work is gained. When you have a dedicated case worker who is focused on getting you hired, your chances of success grows tremendously. I say that knowing that many people do no see success with this process, but there are many who do. Fortunately, there is a state institution that is fully involved and preoccupied with getting people jobs and doing so effectively.

Career Center

Today’s State Career Center is a place where people can go and use computers for free. Go on the Web to search for and apply for jobs. As more employers transition to Web based employment processes, this will become an invaluable service for people in a local area to have. It helps those of us either lacking computer and Internet resources as well as those of us who may be less clear about what places on the Web to go that are most relevant to the local area. Continue reading

Applauding Metro Public Transportation

I rode the bus in different cities for a few weeks off an on over the last few months. Before then, it had been many decades since I knew what riding the bus was like. I had a car accident and general vehicular troubles and the metro bus was my only choice to get around besides walking. Some destinations were quite some distance (10 to 30 miles) so a time efficient option was needed. At first, I was disoriented as far as understanding the rhythm of taking the bus. Unknown to me were the intervals buses arrived a bus stops, the drop off points, or how to best use the bus. I learned quickly with the help of the bus drivers who helped me understand what I needed to know to use the bus effectively.

Early Morning Bus

A bus route can take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. Some routes can take 45 minutes. You may have to take the bus to an exchange point where you get off one bus to board another that is continuing onto the destination your ultimately trying to reach. Suppose the first bus takes 15 minutes and the second bus takes 45 minutes, you need at least an hour to get to your destination. However, since buses run on the hour and you may need to show up at your destination early, you need to actually take the bus at a time that is 2 hours ahead of your scheduled time. Continue reading

Actual Formula For Successful Living

What is the right mindset and actions for living successfully in today’s world? A summary of the answer can be listed as follows in order of importance:

  1. Obedience
  2. Flexibility
  3. Agreement
  4. Pleasantness
  5. Courtesy

You succeed based on how well you can do these things and how far you are willing to go to make these the primary things you do in relation to other people of equal or higher standing. Yes, there are many exceptions, but more commonly, those that fail in life as far as money, jobs, or politics generally make a real mistake in one or more of these areas. Continue reading