Weak and Tired Leadership in the 21st Century

Look around and what do you see? Did you notice that, despite improvements in materials and machines, we still pave roads the same way we have since Roman Times thousands of years ago. Our roads today are the equivalent of polished rock over dirt. Nothing wrong with that, I love fresh paved roads because they are far better than roads with potholes and miscellaneous deficiencies that put more wear on vehicles. However, looking at the bigger picture a few questions remain. Why do we still use rocks for roads and rubber for tires?

Everywhere you look you see houses, buildings, roads, vehicles, energy distribution, clothes, food preparation, and how we buy and sell take forms that are more or less the way they have been for hundreds of years. Sure, more of what we use or what we do and how we do them are more refined than earlier versions of these things, but the living reality of most people does not match the narratives expressed in inspirational form in media during the last few decades. A few leaders like Elon Musk see new horizons and are putting their money where their mouth is, but that is a speck of the total leadership capacity needed to advance society.

Trillions and trillions of dollars are floating around but somehow it goes into fomenting strife more than building things and creating better environments that trigger more productivity leading to higher prosperity. Sure, that wealth is not concentrated in one spot, it is spread out, but is the meaning of life for the most wealthy to merely live more comfortably than everyone else? What good is all that wealth and associated pretty pictures over a lifetime it what exists in the end is the regret that more could have been done to grow a better environment for all of humanity?

Over many decades, people have heard the mantra about buying cheap materials for buildings, spending less on employees, and doing more with less. Much of it amounts to “milking the status quo” to the maximum extent possible but all it does is rob most people, the wealthy and powerful included of a far better environment of the kind that dreams are made of. A groundswell of small businesses could help reshape much of this however, a broader sense of collective ownership over the future of life is how the environment begins to become more substantially improved. A core ethos leading towards greater quality in life and greater excellence in living not just in the material, but in values lived. Unfortunately, the leadership of the past few decades can be described as adequate but weak, effective in many areas but ultimately tired. Dalliances with an elevated future experience lived through media but stalled at points in recent history.

Is the future really Facebook posts, Tweets, smart phones, and improved cruise control we call self-driving cars? If that is to be, well … that sucks. Humanity is capable of so much more, but it is apparent that apathy has set in a while back and a real jolt to evolution is needed. Fake artificial intelligence (understood as highly refined statistics) is not the game changer. Indeed, many of the bright ideas of recent decades and the last few years didn’t pan out. Many solutions are on life support. More than that has been of a dubious nature but the duds can be replaced with better options to pursue. Unfortunately, the leadership is not there at least in the open. Certainly, the day-to-day results do not bear out the quality of leadership at large. Yet, that can change.

Perhaps a future generation will meet the challenges stated here. One can see that they decide to pickup the pieces from centuries of conflicts, culture clashes, and erroneous interpretations of economics and belief systems. They rise up and achieve the impossible because they’ve built up centuries of data and truly objective facts to show with irrefutable precision that pushing forward and working together works better. Wouldn’t it be nice if that long-awaited circumstance was now?


Solar + Electric Autonomous Cars

Solar Power apparently is seen as the Dawn of Solar Age Declared as PV Beats All Other Forms of Power. Solar can become so abundant that fully electric cars (no more gasoline fuel) become practical. Gas stations can switch to selling electric fuel at the pump instead of petrol. Finally, we can have cars that run longer and better while not requiring frequent lubrication services. We can move away from the efforts currently needed to keep a gas combustion engine going and, instead, benefit from engines that run better and are safer for drivers.

Don’t Try and Never Know

What Kevin Pinili learned too late in life is that you have to try … and I’ve applied that lesson multiple times recently. My car broke down a few times in the past few months. I worked with the most well-known national chain with a presence just about everywhere. Waited patiently for weeks for the highly skilled techs to do their best. At the end, I had multiple problems but things eventually worked out until yesterday, Oct. 1. when I drove into a parking lot. I put the car in park and it shut off automatically. I just happened to be in a parking lot next to this national auto repair chain so I thought since they fixed it last time, maybe they can tell me what is wrong.

Long story short, their expert was out yesterday. The person there tried to figure it out themselves. I was unaware they closed an hour early on Sundays. My car was locked up in a service bay and I was walking half a mile to a hotel. Exhausted and demoralized from months of car problems, I wasn’t too motivated to get up the next morning, walk another half mile and see what new narrative I’d have in the form of new promises from persons who have proven they can’t make any built to last.

Instead, I am going to try. Maybe this time is the time everything will work out. Even if the car issues end my employment, I won’t really give up. Despite your set backs, and the amount of energy dealing with them requires, you must try your whole life. There may not be a prize for endurance, persistence, and trying again and again but it is usually better than the alternative.

Air Force Lt. Gen. Jay B. Silveria on Inclusion

The US Military continues to lead the way in social unity, inclusion, and comraderi by the example set by its top leaders. Senior military leaders have among the very best leadership backgrounds when applied to tough circumstances. This was no more on display than when Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria exercised the ancient tradition of rallying the team in the best direction forward. 

Intolerance, hate, and dehumanization has no place among an aspirational people seeking a better world. The general summoned this sensibility in a way that guides new and elder generations in a perspective that acknowledges the truth. We are all in it together and our differences are a strength that fuels opportunities for success, prosperity, and collective goodwill.

Liberals have sometimes mistakenly given the wrong message on tolerance. The liberal idea of extreme tolerance in which the hateful views have voice seems enlightened. Experience shows if you give hate and malice against ethnicity and benevolent cultural tradition an inch, it turns into miles before you might recover to a more reasonable place. Therefore, it is good when leaders emerge who stand against hate and malice against culture and diversity.

Watch Video: Top USAF General does an amazingly effective job in setting the leadership tone on one team, one team working together where racism has no place.