Political Correctness is Good

Political Correctness has gotten a bad rap over the last few years. I first learned about the term a few years ago. All that time until now, I’ve never had an opinion for or against political correctness.

People say you should “say what you mean.” They want a short, direct, clear-cut answer to a question. You are to look strong, firm, unflinching, and have conviction in what you say. No hesitation. Let the truth right out.

The problem is, how are people supposed to talk to one another? Straight talk delivered the wrong way often creates sharp divisions among people. Political Correctness should be seen as the practice of “disciplining our tongue.” Or, as commonly known as, “taming your tongue.” See the search engines for that term.

The ability of people to work together and be at peace comes before many other considerations. The case against political correctness is often the desire to say how a person feels without being judged harshly by others. Even when that person wants to say they don’t like an idea or person. Continue reading