Hillary as the 2016 Presidential Choice

It would be cowardice if I kept silent. Hillary is the best candidate for President.

Everything the opposition said is true. Lots of experience but few results. Insider activities that set her apart from others who do the same thing. She has made many mistakes. That is also why she could make a better President. She has tried and been part of many things that did not work. Now, near the apex of experience, is likely to have a thought process that is better informed of what not to do. This increases the chances of success. The people talking against Hillary see an opportunity to gain or regain a foothold in the direction of government. Much of what you hear in the news, you have to take with a grain of salt.

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Refugees Not at Fault for War

Many are perishing fleeing a situation they did not create. A great investment towards future peace consists of allowing their entrance to available land. This could create a great good.


Prevent Mass Extinction of Species

They say only 20 years left before many creatures depart. Perhaps there is a way to stop the end of species. Natural Selection is to be respected, but I do not see that at work in society’s indirect destruction of species. Habits can change and life can be upheld.



Avoid Nuclear War

Most people will not survive it. If the bombs ever land, it will cause an actual force to spread out for miles, and miles, and miles. A tremendous force blast will summon and push hard at you. 

Push you right out of your seat, right out of your bed, right off the ground. You’ll be push right into something hard. You’ll be pushed with such a force that when you finally land against something stationary, your bones will crack, you’ll have an instant concussion before the overall bodily shock finishes with  life termination. 

That would happen to many people at the same time and no amount of personal toughness, grit, or resilience will offer escape. Those at the epicenter of the blast may be vaporized. 

Nuclear weapons should not exist. There is nothing redeeming or useful about them. The ability to fully destroy the world is too close at reach.
What would World War III look like? by James MacKinnon https://www.quora.com/What-would-World-War-III-look-like/answer/James-MacKinnon-5?srid=TWnu&share=b04ea8a8


Solar Power Doesn’t Work Yet

Maybe one day. Nuclear and hydroelectric power generation seems to make more sense for grid distribution. A great post follows that looks at solar power with great clarity.
Should other nations follow Germany’s lead on promoting solar power? by Ryan Carlyle https://www.quora.com/Should-other-nations-follow-Germanys-lead-on-promoting-solar-power-1/answer/Ryan-Carlyle?srid=TWnu&share=fa07824b


Mathematics, Indicator of a Broader Reality?

Is mathematics derived from, or transcendent to reality? by Richard Muller https://www.quora.com/Is-mathematics-derived-from-or-transcendent-to-reality/answer/Richard-Muller-3?srid=TWnu&share=0ad83dbe


General Powell’s 2016 Endorsement is Significant

Few public figures maintain a level of solid judgment others weigh seriously. This could be a huge turning point among independents and swing voters and others on the fence. Truly a unique election cycle. Meanwhile, given the stakes involving the U.S. in affairs related to the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Asia, may this open the way for General Powell to influence diplomatic outcomes to more positive result?