Judeo-Christian World is Gone

I saw an article in which a leader of a largely traditionally Christian nation declares identification with Satan a good thing. I know some statements can be used to make a point, in this case, that winning is everything, but the article goes on to describe the leader’s views that darkness is good. The statements will eventually be forgotten over the course of time. Today, however, it shows that leaders no longer want to be “handicapped” by Christian notions of grace, charity, mercy, inclusiveness and all the things that require Christian inspired leaders to embrace restraint and tolerance in the exercise of leadership. The 2016 election had many messages, one of them is load and clear, winning comes before faith. Another form of the pursuit of Animus Dominandi.

Humanity is locked into a cycle it cannot seem to escape. Last year, about this time, I mentioned the conflict between Social Darwinism vs. Christianity? The Social Darwinistic ideals seem to be taking priority. A spiritual rages on, in society and continues in the high places on Earth. A battle for minds of people is happening in real-time. Pain, deprivation, and lack are powerful motivators.

Last year, I mentioned that the world seems chaotic but isn’t, but under the right circumstances it rarely escapes man’s mental grasp to create a self-fulfilling prophecy where it concerns a bad situation. Despite the existence of an abundance of largely peaceful communities in a majority of the areas that voted for the victors, there was yet a fear of other communities and other people. That if the government didn’t change, the world is or would fall apart into chaos. If anything, the choices made seems to have aggravated that situation for the traditionally weakest communities of people.

Yet, while this article I’ve written seems to reek of despair, there is hope. When you look at the American 2016 election results, the country is divided in half. That means that not everyone believes in the kind of political ideas that are slated to become official policy. About 1.3 million people in the US tipped the popular vote in favor of progress and inclusion. While 61.2 million people feel at odds with the other 62.5 million people that voted, the absolute majority of people spread throughout the U.S. doesn’t believe in the past, but believe in the future.

There is hope and it is simply by virtue of traditional configuration of voting districts that things seem bad. They are, in a way, but there are more people who don’t favor that kind of politics. The election was a protest, an angry reaction to the pain that came about with companies deciding to automate and outsource rather than keep jobs in America. People wanted to take their anger out on someone and the politics we have now is the result. It has created a dark spiritual opportunity, but if more people stand firm and try to rebuild this situation, it can become positive again.


Nov. 14 Supermoon

Excellent set of 13 photos from various angles showing the Supermoon. Nice architecture in some of them as well. This morning, the sun was at a magnificent intensely luminous brilliance of shimmering orange with a yellowish white halo. Under the sun was a wall of cloud stretched for miles  in a near straight line donned in a medium purple transition to lavender and a light color I have no name for.


Dark Side American Society

Well, things are shifting in a bad direction. Happened so quickly. The leader at the top may seek unity, but forces have been unleashed that no one now can address. I never in a million years thought this kind of thing would return. I grew up in the aftermath of the victories of the Civil Rights movement. What a turn this past week has been. Is global domination and the infliction of pain on people just trying to live really worth the cost?

Those on the outside, those pushed to the margins remember to take it as well as you can. Times like these can influence you to respond in the wrong way. The pain is real that feel. The feeling of exclusion, adversity, or disregard because of the color of your skin, gender, or the cultural background you lean towards. Endure. Be smart. Above all work tirelessly to stay apart from the temptations such a climate may attract.


Universal Basic Income

Elon Musk has expressed a useful perspective on the concept of universal basic income. I think such a concept will have as large an impact on social, technological, and scientific progress as Capitalism itself if implemented. The proper application of universal basic income stands to transform society in ways that would see an acceleration of progress and a shift in the dynamics between First-world societies that adopt it and developing economies. Improved prospects for better global cooperation without the politics of unemployment.


Trump 60 Minutes

Good interview. Very insightful. Reasonable statements regarding unity and bringing people together. That may prove to be a tough effort, but it is the right perspective.

The views on war and immigration are unfortunate. I don’t sense that millions of unaccounted contributors to the economy are criminal oriented. The wall seems counter to the image of inclusion. A different strategy is needed for peace in the Middle East. More of the same (targeted aggressive actions) seems unlikely to resolve to peace.

Besides those points, the interview seemed to go quite well. The statement about tactical bombastic words seemed quite an apt observation. It confirmed that the words during the campaign were generally an intuitional based mechanism for successful election that worked.